Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coming Soon To My Mailbox

   Just placed an Amazon order for all sorts of household stuff and whatnot.  Part of the whatnot are several books; Sojan by Michael Moorcock, Battle in the Dawn by Manly Wade Wellman and The Tears of Ishtar by Michael Ehart.  I've never read any of the Sojan stories Moorcock wrote when he was as young as 17.  I have read a story series by Wellman and Ehart and thought they rocked.  In all three cases I pretty much can't wait to get the books in my paws.


  1. The Sojan stories _do_ read like a 17 y-o wrote them, and I LOVE Moorcock...

  2. Thanks for busting my bubble of expectation. Sadly, that's what I figured. I'm mostly getting them because I can't believe in my frenzy of trying to read everything he wrote when I was in my teen years I never read them. And the colorful Cawthorn cover.