Friday, December 22, 2017

Art of the Fellowship of the Ring

We've been listening to the unabridged audio version of the Lord of the Rings for the past few weeks. We just got into The Two Towers, and it's terrific. It's been probably a decade since I read the series, and all the reasons I loved it in the past still work - epic story, noble characters, tremendous inventiveness.

Since I've been suffering some sort of writer's block for the past month and I don't want this site to die (of course that's not going to really happen. I'm a blathering bigmouth and am sure to find my voice soon enough), I'm going to give you some pictures for each of the trilogy's volumes.

Frodo, Sam, and the Elves by Alan Lee

The Black Rider and the Hobbits by John Howe

Fifth Day After Weathertop by Ted Nasmith

Riders at the Ford by Ted Nasmith

The Nine by Angus McBride

Khazad Dum by Alan Lee

Balrog and Gandalf by John Howe

The Pillars of the Kings by the Hildebrandts

Boromir and Frodo on Amon Hen by Ted Nasmith