Sunday, July 30, 2017

DUNE Gallery

Frank Herbert's Dune contains some of the most memorable images in all of sci-fi. As such, the book has drawn numerous artists to illustrate Herbert's prose. Then, there are the games and movies inspired by the novel and their attendant artwork.

I'll be reviewing the book this Tuesday over at Black Gate, so I pulled together various pictures I tweeted last winter and collected them here for your enjoyment.

An assortment of covers from Dune's early editions

Vincent Di Fate's seventies covers, complete with shiny text

John Schoenherr Gallery


Sunrise over Arrakeen 

The Sardaukar 

Stilgar and his Men 

Death of the Sardaukar 

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen 

Flight Through the Shield Wall 

Paul and the Hunter Killer  - interior art from Analog

Dr. Wellington Yueh - interior art from Analog

Character concepts by Moebius for Jodorowsky's aborted Dune film

Sam Weber Gallery from Folio Society Edition

Paul and the Gom Jabbar

Thufir Hawat

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Yueh and the Duke

Ornithopter before the Storm

Paul and Alia


Guild Liners over the Basin

Player shields from Avalon Hill's Dune game