Wednesday, April 12, 2023

the Lloyd Hopkins Covers

My first experience with James Ellroy was completely unknowingly when I watched the movie Cop (1988) with James Woods. It wasn't until I started going through Ellroy's catalogue a few years later did I realize his early book, Blood on the Moon (1984) was the film's basis. 

It's been ages since I've seen the movie, but my memory is it's alright. It's pretty brutal and maintains a modicum of the book's weirdness and creepiness. Still, against the book, it's a pale shadow. 

The Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy - Blood on the Moon, Because the Night (1984), and Suicide Hill (1985) - is Ellroy's first series. It's been ages since I've read these, but I remember liking them a lot. Hopkins is too brilliant and the plot's insane, but these are short and fast, and an intimation of greater things to come.

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