Friday, September 28, 2018

I Wrote a Guest Post over at Rogue Blade Entertainment's Gathering - It's about grimdark

Like it says over head, I wrote a post for Rogue Blade Entertainment's site. Whether you agree with my sentiments, disagree, or even think I'm a loon, let me (and RBE impresario, Jason Waltz) know with a comment. Go HERE to read it.

Here and in my Black Gate articles, I think I've made my opinions on grimdark clear. I don't hate it - I don't think there's really anything to it to hate. What I do hate are the airs put on by a lot of grimdark's adherents and the ignorance some of them spread about pre-today fantasy.

for your enjoyment, a generic grimdark scene


  1. It is a great honor to host a post from you, Fletcher. Thanks for allowing RBE's Gathering to be THE PLACE. Though even though it's garnering the views, no one is yet brave enough to begin conversations there. If your provoking thoughts on grimdarkness and my solicitation for S&S thoughts can't generate comments, don't really know what could. Politics?

  2. Hah! That's just what either of us needs, an on-line political discussion.
    You're quite welcome because I'm equally honored to participate in any of RBE's undertakings.