Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Patreon

Four times a year, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly publishes the single best collection of swords & sorcery. Adrian Simmons (and David Farney and William Ledbetter and James Frederick William Rowe and Barbara Barrett) have been doing amazing work for years, and they've done it for free.

Now, again from Keith West, I learn that HFQ is launching a Patreon. You can go HERE and kick them a couple of bucks an issue to help keep it going and keep it getting better (what, you haven't noticed all the great art for the past year or so? Well, go back and look). 

I may not sound as serious as I should, so let me reiterate: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly is the best publisher of new swords & sorcery around. It also publishes heroic fantasy poetry. No one else does that. 

If you want some proof of how good they are you can check out my reviews at Black Gate. If you really want to know how good it is, go read it.

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