Thursday, April 11, 2013

Issue #15 of Swords and Sorcery Magazine On Line

   This month's "Swords and Sorcery Magazine" features a pair of debut stories for two new authors.  The first, "You Don't Want That" by Ray Krebs is essentially a cute bit of banter between a witch who has created a too-lucky charm and the young wizard constable who's be sent to confiscate it.  It's a little rough hewn with some sloppy editing to boot, but  it is quick couple of pages of fun.
   "The Snow Mage" by M.R. Timson's more polished and actually, more or less, a swords and sorcery story.  Unfortunately, it's obvious where the story's going well before it gets there.  Nonetheless, it's a more than acceptable.
   I liked both stories well enough and I like seeing a pair of new authors get to put their stories out there in front of sets of eyeballs.  Still, I want to see the magazine keep moving on its upward trajectory and this felt like a holding pattern.  I hope it doesn't mean Mr. Ellett's not running out experience writers' submissions.
   Also, the magazine's looking for votes over on it facebook page. They'd like to put out a collection of reader chosen best-stories from their first year.  So far not enough people have voted (myself included).  If you've been reading "Swords and Sorcery Magazine" and like it go on over and cast a vote.

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