Monday, October 22, 2012

Silly Season Hiatus

   Every time I swear to myself I won't watch until the carnage is over but each time I'm drawn inexorably back in to the insanity.  By which I mean the elections.  No matter how hard I try I'm find myself watching and reading things I had hoped to avoid.
   In an earlier life I was involved in local politics and my degree's in public administration.  I used to swim in this stuff, I absolutely loved it.  Then I sort of got over it, but every November I find myself caught up all over again.  I read polls, political magazines, watch talking heads.  I'm a totally relapsed junkie.
   What it means for this blog is I don't expect to do much for the next two weeks.  Then, when the hurly burly's done, I can return to a nice normal life of reading and writing about plain simple heroic fantasy.

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