Saturday, May 5, 2018

Black Company Reread: prelude

A few weeks ago I wrote I was about to start rereading Glen Cook's classic Black Company series. Whelp, week after next, I'm the reviews are going to start. I'll read the original trilogy - The Black Company (1984), Shadows Linger (1984), and The White Rose (1985) - and The Silver Spike (1989), a pendant that ties up several major loose ends. The main reviews will be up at Black Gate, but I'll probably do some extra stuff here. After some breaks for short stories and Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, I'll come back and tackle the remaining six books.

Cook's an author whose works have meant a lot to me over the years, and he's someone people feel passionately about as fans and as anti-fans (that's a thing, right?), so I'm curious to see what sorts of reactions and comments I get. It's got the possibility of being a lot of fun.

Scrolling back through posts here and at Black Gate, I've written about him more than I remembered. There are some covers posts, but some actual story/book reviews as well. To get a sense of what I think of Cook, here are all my Cook links for your perusal.


  1. I've read the first six books, but it was years ago. I picked up some extra copies of them at the Friends of the Library sale last Friday. I probably won't have time to read along with you, as you are going to start before I will be able, but I'll try.

  2. Hey, that's cool. I never expect anyone to even pretend to try when I make that sort of a suggestion. ;) Seriously, though, I hope folks jump in an comment on the reviews. I've loved these books since they came out and I've always been surprised at how much hatred they seem to attract: too little description, too little characterization, too little this, too little that. Curious to think what I'll actually think of them now I'm reading them with a "critic's" eye. Based on the first chapter, which I finished last night, I'm pretty sure, however, they still rock.

  3. I'm always glad to find new books to add to my reading list (even if my wife isn't happy with the $$$ that end up being spent on Amazon).

    Also, just wanted to say I am glad I stumbled across your blog. There are so few good blogs (or at least few I've encountered). I added you to my favorites so I remember to come back and check out your new posts.