Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lloyd Alexander - Art of the the Prydain Chronicles

Keith West just posted it's Lloyd Alexander's birthday. It reminded me I need to re-read his wonderful Prydain Chronicles. Michael Moorcock might have hated them (as he goes on about at length in Wizardry and Wild Romance), but when I read them as a kid, and again as an adult, I loved them. Maybe I'll write about them after I read them. One can dream. In the meantime, here are some beautiful covers from the original five books of the series.
The first cover of each set is by Evaline Ness, the second by Don Maitz, and the third by Jean-Leon Huens.


  1. FROM KEITH WEST: Don't know why this didn't post.

    Those are some cool covers. It was the Evaline Ness edition I got from the library. I updated my post with a link to here.

    If Moorcock hated them, I'm probably going to like them. His taste and mine tend to be pretty opposite of one another.

  2. I read The Book of Three to my kids. I liked it pretty well, and they loved it. We've been distracted by other things, but I'm sure we'll get back to the series eventually.

    I never read the them when I was a kid. I once checked The Book of Three (the middle edition in your pictures) out from the school library, but when I got home I forgot to take it out of the bag on my bike. There was a big thunderstorm that night, and in the morning I found the book swollen to twice its natural size. I got it dried out by the time I turned it in, but it was still all puffy and wrinkly, and I felt too guilty to ever go back to the series again.

    1. Edit: "read the them" -> "read the series"!

    2. That's terrible. You were a terrible library patron. ;) I just started rereading The Book of Three and so far I am enjoying it.