Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mail Bag plus

My review of Warlock of the Witch World, second of the triplets trilogy, by Andre Norton went live at Black Gate. If you have listened to me before, do yourself a favor and check the series out.
She spins great tales, no bones about it. Maybe they aren't as bloody or as sexy as today's fantasy novels, but that doesn't matter to me. Too often those things are served up to distract the reader from the lackluster story or hammer home the same tired points about the "real world" I'm usually reading fantasy to escape from for a little while. There's a glorious and pulp creativity to these books that would put to shame a lot of writers cranking out the same, tired Fantasyland® stuff everyone should be tired of by now.

I made a few new purchases over the last month or so. I've already dipped into the two spook story collections and they look great. I've started the Peter Heather book and it's fascinating. The newest Gonji book will have to a bit but I'm itching to dig into it.

I'm continuing to dive back into the fantastic songwriting of John Easdale and his compatriots of Dramarama. I also dug out the one completely solid Soul Asylum album, Hang Time.

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