Thursday, September 19, 2013

Musical Musings About Kane

   I'm easily distracted when I'm writing.  Now that I have a deadline over at Black Gate that's a serious problem.  Ill discipline is one of my greatest flaws at all times.
   Knowing that, I've stripped the games most obsessing me lately off my home computer.  I'm also forcing myself onto a steady schedule.  Read, write, let the luminous Mrs. V. proof/edit, then rewrite, repeat.  So far so good.
   One problem is, I'm the sort of person who leaves the tv or radio on when I'm reading.  I like some sort of background sensory stimulation.  Too often I find silence more distracting than tv.
    One of the things I do when I write is make a playlist I and let it go.  Which meant for this week's Night Winds article old school Sabbath and non-acoustic Zeppelin (except for "Gallows Pole" which really fit the mood).  Seems sort of obvious now that it's done.  Electric Funeral and When Levee Breaks were part of a perfect soundtrack for Wagner's stories.
   I'm not sure, but I'm thinking Yes for Andre Norton's Three Against the Witch World.  And, yes, I know my choices betray my age.


  1. Your remark about deleting games reminded me of a panel at a con a number of years ago. The title was Lies Writers Tell Themselves, and it dealt with how writers motivated themselves to write. One person said his lie was "Free Cell is broken."

  2. Those are some excellent musical choices for Kane. Iron Butterfly might also do the trick, and ... well, Wagner, though that sounds sort of cliched ... listening to Wagner while reading Wagner. For slightly more modern music (though it's still "oldies" for the kids today), Soundgarden should also suffice.