Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bloggin' at the Gate

  Providing my writing doesn't turn away readers in droves, I'm going to be blogging Tuesday mornings at Black Gate.  At lot of what I've been doing here I'm planning to transfer there, particularly my reviews of new heroic fantasy short stories.  I'll also being doing my usual promotion of the best of classic S&S.  Some other stuff too, though it's all a little vague still.  Here's hoping it all works.
   I don't plan to stop posting here.  I'm not sure how that'll work as I'm a poor steward of my time and resources.  Still, I hope to keep things in motion.  It could happen.


  1. Looking forward to it. BG is a great site.

  2. Thanks, here's hoping I don't mess it up too much. The best thing is it's making me read at a much steadier pace than I have in some time now.