Friday, June 7, 2013

Mail Bag

   Two new recent acquisitions this month.
The first is Black Pulp from Pro Se Productions.  It was knowing it had a new Charles Saunders story that made me hit the old one-click button on Amazon.  It's pretty fun so far.  Saunders' "Mtimu" is a great retort to Tarzan.   There's a story by Joe Lansdale but I don't know any other of the authors.  With a cover like that though, who cares?

   The other thing I just ordered is a bit of an anomaly for me these days: an e-book for over $ 2.99.  Only after reading a positive review on Black Gate, I broke down an bought Joe Hill's new one, NOS4A2.  I've read and enjoyed some of his short stories but his novels never enticed me.  This one did but at seven hundred pages and over twelve bucks I was hesistant.  I bit the bullet and bought a few minutes ago.  Here's hoping it's decent.

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