Monday, October 5, 2015

Hildebrandt's Shannara

According to Terry Brooks, part of the plan to make The Sword of Shannara into the next Lord of the Rings was to get the Brothers Hildenbrandt to do the book's artwork. They had done a successful Tolkien calendar in 1976 and editor Lester Del Rey told them to do the same style of pictures for Sword. They complied, producing a full color cover and fold out picture of the book's band of travelers, as well as several black and white images.

I included the two color paintings with my previous Sword post but I'll include them again.

Here are the rest.

Allanon at Shady Vale

Hendel and apple

Escape from Paranor

On the Walls of Tyrsis

Skull Mountain

Palance and Stenmin

The Sword of Shannara

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