Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tim Kirk REH Stuff

Looking back, I think everyone can agree that the best thing about the Conan pastiches from Berkley were the Tim Kirk illustrations. Each book has a map followed by pictures ranging from mundane items, like poinards and hauberks, to magical paraphenelia. They're simle black and white pictures that still figure heavily in my mental images of Conan's world. They are as integral to those images as is Frazetta's and Kelly's depictions of Conan.

Kirk's master map of Hyboria from Conan the Swordsman

illus. from Conan the Swordsman

Map of the Steppes from The Sword of Skelos

Arogossean and Aquilonian Border from Conan the Liberator

Zingaran Capital from Conan and the Road of Kings

illus. from The Road of Kings

Map of the Steppes from The Spider God and illus. from The Spider God

Map of Stygia Conan the Rebel

illus. from Conan the Rebel

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