Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mail Bag

   With the summer months I get a little more reading done and am a little more apt to spend some money on books.  Sometimes even real, printed-on-paper books.  Of course that didn't mean I didn't buy a couple more e-books.

Swords & Dark Magic: I never bothered getting my own copy of this pretty good collection of new, original swords & sorcery.  I also never finished reading it. I figure it's important enough an anthology that i should have a hard copy on the shelf next to all the Flashing Swords! and Swords Against Darkness volumes.

Surrender to the Will of the Night: As huge a Glen Cook fan as I am, I'm actually surprised I haven't read this series yet.  With the fourth book coming out this fall I figured at least let me have the third one on hand should the urge to read them hit me. He's one of the few authors I still buy in hardcover.

Meji Book One:  Since discovering Milton Davis last year I've become a big fan. Between his sword & soul writing and his publishing efforts he's an inspiring guy.  Still, if his stories weren't fun it wouldn't mean as much, but fortunately they are a lot of fun.  

Wind Follower:  When I reviewed Milton Davis' and Charles Saunders Griots last summer, one of the two stories I described as my favorites was Carole McDonnell's "Changeling".  This is a book I'm particularly looking forward to and have high hopes.  

In Savage Lands: I'd seen this around and read the review by John O'Neil over at Black Gate last summer, meant to buy it then and promptly forgot all about it.  Now I've remember and the old one-click brought it to my Kindles.


  1. I felt like Swords & Dark Magic is hit and miss, but those that hit are great! By strange coincidence I actually reread one of my favorites from it just an hour ago (before seeing your post!) Bill Williamson's 'Thieves of Daring'

  2. Yeah, I felt the same way about the chunk I read. One of my earliest posts here was about my disappointment with Glen Cook's "Tides Elba". Still, it was all original material and that's a whole lot better than reprints.