Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mailbag (well, 1-click button anyway)

   So that 1-click button on Amazon is a devilishly dangerous.  If something catches my always roving eye or, worse, is on sale - boom - I can just click that button and there's new book on my kindle.  One of the coolest things with e-books is, like when compact discs first started coming out, long out-of-print things are reappearing.  I mean I got Murgunstrumm and Others for about five bucks not hundreds.

   I'm reading the Cave and Carter right now.  So far, "Murgunstrumm" is living up to the hype I've read about it over the years.  It's potent reminded of the editorial brilliance possessed by Karl Edward Wagner.  I'm still only a few pages into "Thongor".  It contains a story by Robert M. Price,  and I've always loved his pastiches of REH and HPL so I've got some hopes for it.  
   "Prince of Thorns" I finished already, and I really don't have anything to say about it that hasn't been said in dozens of other places. Suffice it to say, I read it in two nights and ordered, at full, painful price (I am very, very cheap concerning the price of individual books, especially electric ones), "King of Thorns" within minutes of turning the last pixelated page on my kindle fire.  It brought to mind Moorcock and, perhaps, a more deftly Black Company.  Jorg is one of the most captivating narrators I've encountered in some time.


  1. I've been reading a bunch of Hugh B. Cave stories lately as well. His stuff still packs a punch. As for Carter, I think his Thongor short stories are probably his best S&S. More REH and less ERB seemed to work better for Lin.

  2. Man, do the Cave stories still pack a punch (and they're so grandly pulpy - more mad scientists experimenting on gorillas, please). As to Carter, they really are good. I actually think the Robert Price story is the weak link in the book. Unfortunately, I'm planning to read "Thongor and the Dragon City" next week.