Friday, June 29, 2012

In the Mail

   So I went a little nuts ordering stuff the other day.  The first batch came in the mail today.  As you can see I ordered the new "The Swords and Sorcery Anthology" by David G. Hartwell and Jacob Weisman.  I know I griped about it but I got it cheap and used and it helped fill out the order.  It also means I get the new Nifft the Lean story, so I got that going for me.

   I started reading Keith Taylor's "Bard" the other day and it's great Celtic swords & sorcery fun.  Knowing there were more I had to get them all.  Problem is, there's a fifth one and it's not readily available.  By which I mean I can get it but only for an absurd price.  Was it printed in low numbers?  On unicorn hide?  I don't get it and I didn't get it.  Someday, though.
  Lynne Abbey's "Daughter of the Bright Moon", the preceding novel to "The Black Flame", is just sitting on my shelf right now admonishing me for not having read it already.  Maybe after "Bard" and the autobiography of Caesar by Adrian Goldsworthy.  Here's to hope.


  1. I bought that antho. The others, I *wish* I owned.

  2. With limited shelf space and e-books I don't buy many "real" books anymore. The S&S stuff is my only real indulgence and I try to only buy used stuff. But I'm still not paying fifty bucks for Bard V.

  3. In so far as I'm aware, Bard V was printed in extremely low numbers.. and possibly only in Australia and maybe the UK... since it's always only available from those two places.

    It's generally a bit cheaper if you can find a copy from Australia.. but I've had to just give up the dream of getting it.. barring a stroke of luck and it getting a re-release.

  4. Loved the first 2 Bard books, looking forward to the next 2, as I hear they get even better, and darker, in nature. Keith Taylor is truely an under-appreciated talent, and he deserves better.

  5. @Lagormorph - thanx, I wondered if something like that might be the reason. I hope they do get a reprint or e-version.

    @darkman - I have to shamefully admit it's a book my dad picked up used over 20 years ago and it's been sitting in a box since he read it. Only seeing Taylor's name pop up as I've been doing research in the past year on places like the old Cimmerian site made me dig it out.

    1. I know what you mean. I was a kid in the late '70's, and I was fixated on Conan and Tarzan. As a result, I missed out on a ton of S&S back in the day, and I have been busy catching up these last 2-3 years. I have bought dozens and dozens of S&S and blood and thunder historical adventures in the last few years, and now I am settling down to read them all. I am just starting the Kane books by KEW, and I an pumped just to own these books now. They cost me about $50, but worth every penny. As for paying $50+ for Bard V, well, we'll see...

    2. I've been hooked on s-&-s/action only in the past decade or so, discovering all this stuff well past my teen years. I've been gathering many of these same books, too.

    3. I've been reading it for thirty-five years and there's still so much old stuff to discover. Now people are writing new stuff that I've got to sort thru. It's too much! For which I am so grateful.

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  7. I envy you that first encounter with Kane. When I read "Reflections for the Winter of My Soul" I didn't know what had hit me. Little S&S has ever walloped me as hard.

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