Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wellman Set to Prog Metal

  So, while tooling around the interweb I came across something that actually would have made me do a spit take if I had actually been drinking.  Apparently, 1980's Germany harbored a prog metal (a genre I gladly admit to digging very much) band known as Sieges Even (which Babelfish tells me means something like "Victory Even").  They must have gotten their mitts onto copies of Swords Against Darkness because they committed a song called "Straggler from Atlantis" to vinyl.  The record containing this might 12 minute plus concoction of high pitched vocals, machine gun drum rolls and rapid time changes is called "Life Cycle".
   For a look at the lyrics and to hear the song in its entirety just follow this link.  It pretty much retells all of the story, and what, with the music and all, you might not even feel the need to get you own copy of it anymore once you've played this.


  1. Greetings Wasp!

    Its good to see you re into heavy metal...
    I always thought in a mystical way, S&S and Heavy Metal are one...
    My personal epic metal favourite band: CAULDRON BORN.
    Their 2 albums are smithed on the anvil of Crom for sure.
    Pure sword and sorcery themed metal music....

    Also you can check out (if not already) the russian band called BLACKSWORD (one album full of sword and sorcery).


  2. thanx for the info - I will have to check them both out