Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Darrell K. Sweet - RIP

 Scanning Black Gate this evening I saw Darrell K. Sweet had died.  Along with the Hildebrandt Bros., Sweet created the image of fantasy for me and doubtless some many other fans from the seventies and early eighties.  His art is beautiful, detailed and evocative of my youth.
   Like I wrote about a few weeks ago, a friend of mine would buy books simply because of his covers.  I never went that far but I have no idea how many books with his covers fill the boxes of books in the attic.


  1. Hi there Wasp!
    Nice blog you got...
    Man, Sweet was one of the masters... RIP

    I wait for a scandalous post on K.E.Wagner!!!!!

    Keep on sword-fighting and sorcery-practising!